The International Forum for Community Innovations

Engage Communities is pleased to announce we have become members of TIFCI (The International Forum for Community Innovations). TIFCI is a not for profit organisation working to support community groups to build capacity, develop leadership and promote research about innovation that is community led. TIFCI believes that the only true innovations are those that come directly from the communities they are designed to benefit. The manifesto for public sector organisations seeks to make community innovations the standard for service quality, development and commissioning by promoting:

Engagement – Community organisations should be engaged at grassroots levels and meaningfully involved in service development, improvement and quality assurance. Successful engagement requires facilitation and collaboration including providing support, resources and training.

Leadership – Community organisations should be brought in as full partners to help lead innovations in service development and commissioning. This means ensuring that community organisations take an active role in organisational development and strategic planning.

Research – Community innovations should be the subject of research and community organisations should be given access to research funds and support. This will help ensure research benefits the communities being studied.

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