University Poster Presentation

At University I delivered a poster presentation about my volunteering experience at Engage Communities. I had chosen a volunteering module where I had to put together a portfolio and deliver a 10 minute presentation to my lecturer and other students. Volunteering for Engage has developed my communication, time management and teamwork skills, alongside this I have gained experience in working with disadvantaged members of communities. Volunteering at Engage has been very important for my career because I would like to work with offenders and people from different backgrounds, and Engage has provided many opportunities for me to gain and develop essential skills for working in this sector. Therefore I am looking forward to continuing my volunteering at Engage.

Theoretically I learnt Engage helps the community in two ways by reinforcing citizenship and increasing social capital in young people, whilst tackling social exclusion. Citizenship is reinforced by young people committing their time and effort to attend sport based activities; such as Taekwondo, Martial Arts and Boxing, supported by the Round House project. Social capital is increased for young people once they meet and socialize with positive role models. They are able to create contacts to help them in the future. Finally Engage tackles social exclusion because it aims to “empower” those socially excluded and tackles crime by educating the young and helping those involved with pathways out.

By Naseeba Akthar
Community Interacter

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