The word ‘gang’ has several definitions in the dictionary. A negative definition reads; “a group of youngsters or adolescents who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reasons, especially such a group engaging in delinquent behaviour”. However, a more positive definition reads; “a group of people with compatible tastes or mutual interests who gather together for social reasons”. At Engage Communities we want to reclaim the word ‘gang’. Young people tend to join gangs to benefit from a sense of belonging, from being protected and from a shared goal and aims. At the Round House and Tunstall Tigers project, we provide our young people with the same benefits – we teach them the art of protection, we help them to work towards positive goals and we share a sense of community and belonging. In fact, being part of the Round House and Tunstall Tigers project can even give young people the positive structure they need to help them to break out of a gang. If you know a young person who could benefit from being in a good gang, then send them along to our Taekwondo and Boxing classes or even football sessions and we can show them the benefits.

Yaser Mir
Founder & Director

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