“A black belt is a white belt that never gave up”

My name is Farhan Rehman I’m 15 years old and attend The Co-operative Academy of Stoke On Trent. I’ve always had a strong passion for watching Taekwondo videos on YouTube and imitating the techniques carried out. Nevertheless, successfully carrying out kicks such as the tornado kick and the back kick proved difficult due to my lack of expertise and nobody to guide me, it was until I was given a leaflet about the Round House Project after school, which led to Taekwondo becoming a strong passion of mine. Therefore I decided to join Round House, a project initiated by Engage Communities that trains people of any age, background or gender in boxing and Taekwondo. Joining Round House enabled me to train and work towards personal development, passing gradings and achieving belts in Taekwondo.

I feel a belonging to the Round House community, it’s allowed me to grow my confidence in all aspects of my life and helped me to make a lot of friends from diverse backgrounds and cultures that share the same passions as me outside of school. It’s inspiring to be taught Taekwondo by a teacher with immense training and experience, that does not discriminate or bully and shares the same passion for Taekwondo as me. This has given me the courage and confidence to start making my own YouTube films starring myself and other youths from Round House and Engage Communities projects such as Tunstall Tigers and Dimensions Dons. The videos have enabled me to share my enthusiasm for Taekwondo with the rest of the world and spend my free time doing something useful that my friends and I enjoy. It’s important to highlight that no one was injured during the filming of any of my videos and the stunts implemented should not be tried at home without the aid of professional Taekwondo instructors.

Round House resembles a welcoming family that are passionate towards boxing and the martial art of Taekwondo and encourage absolutely anybody to join. Taking part in weekly Round House sessions has involved working as a young volunteer and assisting the coaches. Furthermore the creation of my YouTube videos sparked more enthusiasm within me and thanks to Round House as I progress through my belts, I will successfully be able to implement more challenging and eye catching Taekwondo techniques into my videos and make these all the more entertaining for my subscribers and viewers. Motivated by my role models including Tony Jaa, Yaser Mir, Micheal Jai White and Scott Adkins I intend to gain a black belt in Taekwondo in the future and continue to make YouTube videos, as they say “A black belt is a white belt that never gave up”.

Thank You

Farhan Rehman
Young Volunteer, Taekwondo Practitioner, White Belt, Writer, Director & Action Comedy Movie Star!

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