Bala Pro Fairtrade footballs

It’s a privilege to use the Bala Pro Fairtrade footballs in our 5-a-side football tournaments. The pro ball is hand-stitched in Sialkot, Pakistan and carefully made to the same specs as FIFA inspected balls. The really good thing is that when workers are paid to make a Fairtrade Bala ball they receive a higher rate, fair working conditions and benefit from the extra 10% Fairtrade Premium. They decide democratically on what social development schemes to spend it on – so it’s win-win for everyone. It was the first time the Bala Pro ball was used in a tournament in Stoke-on-Trent and in the UK. In fact we recently discovered it was the first tournament in the world where the Bala Pro Fairtrade footballs were used and therefore we are happy to recommend this ball to anyone looking for quality footballs. We would like to thank Alan Christian from The Prince’s Charities for negotiating the purchase of the Fairtade balls. All our tournaments are FREE to enter for young people in the area and we always raise all the funds to run the tournaments. Our recent tournament was supported by Port Vale’s charity arm, Vale Park Community Initiative through funding obtained from the Crime Commissioner.

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