Gang & Youth Violence

The Community Interacters Programme – Ending Gang & Youth Violence project aims to:

  • Prevent young people from becoming involved in gun, knife and/or gang related crime.
  • Reduce knife and/or gun crime.
  • Reduce gang-related violence.
  • Help young people to exit from gang membership, including support for young people who are subject to gang-injunctions.
  • Support the parents and siblings of young people involved in or at risk of involvement in gun, gang or knife violence.

We are delivering a community-based programme, encompassing outreach, mentoring, education and diversionary activities to young people. The diversionary activities consist of opportunities for vulnerable young people to participate in sports and art based activities. Engage Communities access this section of the community through the recruitment of Community Interacters. The Interacters come from similar backgrounds to the target group and therefore understand the needs of this group and the hotspots in the community to access them.

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