Round House TKD Belt Grading 27.02.2016

Congratulations to Round House TKD students for passing their belt grading today on Saturday 27th February 2016 at Dimensions. Our external examiners were once again impressed with the high standards set by all our young people grading for their yellow tag and yellow belts. These are the first 2 belts in the Olympic style Taekwondo syllabus and we are happy our students are developing strong foundations for the future. Congratulations to the new 2 red belts, Noor & Jannah and Athar for passing his blue belt. Jannah, Athar and Noor all received some positive and constructive feedback as they get closer to taking their Black Belt gradings. The young people showed a great deal of confidence under pressure and managed to control their nerves and put in strong performances. We are grateful to all the parents, friends and family members for their support and encouragement to the young people. Your success is our success!