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Engage Cohesive Communities Burslem North programme aims to address racial tensions and build community links between young people in Burslem North. Whilst we work across Stoke-on-Trent Engage Communities has historical and current roots in Burslem North. The area suffers from many social issues, some of which are addressed with this project including the issue of poor community cohesion and racial tensions. The programme includes weekly sports sessions including cricket and football with mentoring, training and volunteering for young people. The participants work together to complete qualifications in coach education in order to play a role in delivering the activities offered and lead on organising Sports Festivals helping to bring benefits to themselves and wider local people. The project helps to improve local links, in particular between different ethnicities, through young people regularly coming together for enjoyable sessions within a shared interest. The programme is funded by the People's Health Trust which is an independent charity addressing health inequalities across Great Britain. It works closely with each of the 51 society lotteries and makes grants using money raised by the society lotteries through The Health Lottery.

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