Engage Communities holds the quality accreditation, StreetGames StreetMark. This means that we are recognised for bringing sports and volunteering opportunities to young people in tough communities, giving them the chance to aspire to greater things. We’re proud to have this status, but even prouder to be making our mark on the streets of Stoke-on-Trent.

“Appropriately-designed sports programmes can help to reduce youth-related crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in hotspot areas”.

Youth Crime Impact report

Engage Communities adopts the 10 critical success factors underpinning effective sport-based projects following research undertaken by Loughborough University. They are:

Right Staff
Right Young People
Right Style & Right Place
Rewards/Rewarding Activities
Attractive Offer
Clear Ethos
Sustained Delivery
Multi-Agent Partnerships
Personal Development Opportunities
Positive Pathways

During the evaluation, it became apparent that these characteristics could be aligned with different phases of the pilot project development. These were suggested to be:

  • Phase 1: Foundation Of Project – Clear Ethos & Multi-Agent/Partnerships
  • Phase 2: Creating The ‘Right’ Offer For Young People – Right Staff, Right Style & Place, & Right Young People
  • Phase 3: Maintaining Engagement – Rewards & Rewarding, Attractive Offer, Sustained Delivery, & Personal Development Opportunities
  • Phase 4: Maximising Impact – Sport Plus & Positive Pathways

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