The Difference We Make

In 2019:


Young People Engaged In Activity


Were Female Participants


Were From a BAME Background


Volunteer Hours Recorded


Hours of Activity Delivered


Qualifications Achieved

2020 Summer Program Survey

Engage Communities uses the power of sport to improve the life skills of young people whilst raising aspirations and helping them to become more employable.

We surveyed the young people taking part in our 2020 summer program and here are the results:

Feel Healthier
Feel More Active
Feel Happier
Feel They Can Achieve More
Feel More Confident
Feel They Have Learned Things To Make Them More Employable 47%
Feel They Get On Better With People From Other Backgrounds 77%
Feel They Get On Better With Other Young People 82%
Feel That They Are Better Able To Communicate 92%
Feel They Deal With Stressful Situations Better
Feel They Are Better At Solving Problems
Feel They Have Better Leadership Skills
Feel They Have Made New Friends

What Our Young People Say About Our Sessions

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